Easily stream 1:1 native content

NATIVE publishing platform

A mobile marketing powerhouse
for native apps

Vertical video and rich media for native apps

Today’s commerce and progressive web apps miss valuable opportunities for additional revenue generation, customer connections and increased social interaction. Single-solution platforms overload tech stacks. Use Loyaltopia to

Streamline tech stacks

Increase relevance, interaction, and  ROI
"Wow" customers with new experiences
Create independence from mobile silos and the need for automation experts

Establish an omni-channel brand hub.
Native experience journeys for app retention, social, loyalty, and shopping makes mobile marketing easier than ever. Customers and marketers alike will love Loyaltopia's dynamic personalization, implemented with the speed, interactivity and superior performance that only native apps deliver. In-app interactive content is faster and easier to access, absorb, and retain than the mobile web.

Connect more effectively with best customers using native mobile
journey management and extreme personalization

A next-gen mobile app engagement
offering like no other

Made by marketers for marketers

Omni-channel integration starts on the inside

Operational efficiency. Loyaltopia makes native mobile the fastest, easiest way to connect with customers. Marketing team process and work-flow is streamlined, eliminating internal marketing silos, generating synergy at the source.

The art of creating desire. Put the fun into mobile shopping and the romance into travel and hospitality. Produce native content in minutes. Entice customers in-store, on-property or online, then measure impact on revenue and engagements in real time.

Staying connected. Use our mobile loyalty wallet to deliver instant gratification with in-app reward delivery and redemption. Increase social interaction with more sharable content and new gamification. Automate mobile content for social with a click.

Mobile made easy using Loyaltopia's automation for native apps

Get even better performance
with native streaming

Improve on these stats with native automation

• Customers spend 70% of their time in mobile apps

• Push outperforms email open rates from 47-80%

• In-app engagement rates are 26-44%
and will improve with better segmentation

• 78% of successful marketers attribute
the premier driver of revenue to automation

Create, route, approve, and deploy interactive native content to a native app in under 10 minutes.

Luxury Retail

Luxury shoppers prefer mobile. Exceed the expectations your best clientele using high-touch tech. Shift from one-off campaigns to a stream of luxurious interactions and experiences. Be of service in unprecedented new ways.

Entertainment Venues

Simplify mobile transactions. Surprise season ticket holders with instant perks. Get audience participation and interaction with real-time content during a production or intermission. Receive valuable feedback after a performance.


Stream content based on bookings, destinations and more. Build anticipation. Drive incremental revenue. Encourage fliers to upgrade just before a flight. Generate an additional revenue stream.


Take more control over room inventory with last minute flexibility. Speed mobile bookings. Beautifully engage, cross-sell and up-sell on-property goods and services to guests and locals. Minimize redirects.


Tailor a dynamic content stream for each user with their favorite merchandise and brands. Say goodbye to the frustrations of endless filtering, searching, scrolling. Fresh, contextual experiences reinforce habitual use.

Deliver better experiences with richer data at a granular level.

Boost performance with richer data than the mobile web is able to provide. Our proprietary technology stays current with customer wants and lifestyle changes, automatically segmenting audiences, increasing marketing speed and relevance. Designed to complement existing eCommerce, marketing clouds, and CRM systems, Loyaltopia provides real-time list management for cost-effective native app marketing at a granular level. Game-changing new tools and our sophisticated, elegant, mobile interface offer a myriad of capabilities for in-app testing and data optimization. Collecting richer data by leveraging the speed and intimacy of native apps in our proprietary mobile cloud will enhance other marketing efforts, improving omni-channel customer experiences.

Automate mobile content for social without any extra work using Loyaltopia's mobile engagement platform

Amplify social

Loyaltopia automates native rich media content for social without any extra work.
    • save time and money
    • create channel synergy
    • exponentially increase content

Customize, launch, reward, and retire social promotions anytime with on-the-fly social gamification. Track and evaluate the relationship between social activity and ROI generation.

Loyaltopia's extreme presonalization, micro-targeted persoanlization for native apps

Extreme segmentation

Experienced marketers know segmentation increases ROI and has been proven to deliver up to 6x transaction rates. Loyaltopia’s AI, proprietary on-the-fly segmentation, and list generation is the fastest, easiest way to keep up with changing lifestyles and needs of your best customers. Loyaltopia’s organic ecosystem and flexible marketer controls raises
the relevance of communications
to new levels.

Improve or launch a mobile loyalty program with native app automation powered by Loyaltopia

Made by and for marketers

We’ve faced the same challenges you face everyday. Loyaltopia is the only mobile platform that automates and simplifies internal marketing team process and approvals, breaking mobile barriers at the source. Channel consistency starts with any team or concept. Generate native content in minutes, with creative freedom and flexibility, then get reviews and approvals in seconds. Loyaltopia eliminates routing hold-ups, making it a breeze to get mobile content out the door. Our interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Native mobile automation, made by and for marketers

Loyalty 3.0 is here

Loyalty programs have become ubiquitous and commoditized. The key is differentiation. Launch a mobile loyalty program and reduce optimization time by 50%. Or, delight customers using real-time native mobile capabilities adding new features and revolutionary execution to an existing program. Testing is faster than ever. Set up control groups and loyalty journeys in a snap, then spend your time testing multiple variables to meet revenue goals. It’s no longer necessary to sacrifice speed for customization.

Work smarter. Not harder.

We think marketers should have time
to work on "what" to execute,
not "how" to execute.

The only constant in today’s marketplace is change, driven by increasing customer expectations and evolving technology. That’s why it’s more important than ever to select the right mobile infrastructure to move forward. One that inherently builds synergy between social, commerce, and loyalty to drive business. A platform that keeps pace with the evolving needs and desires of customers, driving lifetime value. A platform that supports internal marketing processes as well as providing an omni-channel mobile framework. A platform that is easy-to-use. Partner with a team who brings innovation to the table.


Enterprise IT


Loyalty & DM






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Team experience in years

Futureproof your business.

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Vertical video and rich media for native apps
Mobile made easy using Loyaltopia's automation for native apps
Vertical video and rich media for native apps
Mobile made easy using Loyaltopia's automation for native apps

Deliver better experiences
with richer data
at a granular level.

Work smarter.
Not harder.

Easily stream
1:1 native content


No code,
NATIVE publishing platform

Vertical video and rich media for native apps
Mobile made easy using Loyaltopia's automation for native apps
Vertical video and rich media for native apps
Mobile made easy using Loyaltopia's automation for native apps