Loyaltopia’s mobile cloud platform provides the fastest,
easiest way for marketing teams to manage rich media
streams to native apps without writing code.


Get Rich. Quick.

Everyday can be a rich media campaign day with Loyaltopia’s powerful groundbreaking mobile platform in the cloud. Simplify the management of your communication stream with automated workflow and approvals. Your team will love the creative flexibility and on-the-fly campaign creation. Slideshows, videos, promo cards and more can be beautifully executed in minutes. Send with a click. Then watch the stats and ROI roll in. Superfast. Mobile marketing has never been easier. Let’s get rich together.



Get Real. Fast.

Real time, that is. Be smarter, faster with an accelerated marketing cycle and learning curve. Turn insights into relevant digital experiences that maximize revenue and drive loyalty. Give customers the dynamic, immersive brand experiences they expect. Then adapt to their changing behavior and preferences. Send the right message to the right customer at the right moment in time with live segmentation. Strengthen relationships using curated, personalized content. Make it private and exclusive or create to share on multiple types of social media and track instantly. Increase lifetime value. Reward customers for what they love. Let’s get real together.



Go Native. Now.

Loyaltopia’s white label application for iOS can get you to market quickly — customized to your needs so you can have the best of both worlds. Every communication is created for the mobile experience, in the context of how and when it will be viewed. Leverage the habitual mobile use of your customer by embracing daily opportunities to connect. Full screen content is easy to view. Offline storage makes it easy to access. We use data from multiple sources to make it easy for your customer to find, book or purchase what they desire. Simplify the path to purchase, whether instore, online or through other apps. Let’s go native together.



Go Commando! Today.

Loyaltopia’s CommandoSM platform has been created for marketers by marketers. So when we say no code, we really mean you don’t have to write any code. It’s as simple as it is powerful. With deep experience in loyalty, mobile and data, we understand your internal processes and can transform your business model by breaking through marketing, data and IT silohs. Loyaltopia’s cloud platform works in tandem with existing technology to deliver unique customer experiences and you save thousands of hours of programming. Create cross-functional team synergy and cross-channel integration at the same time. Pretty cool, right? You’re in control, so you can go commando on your own.